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Uniquely developed by Katie Dickens, our innovative dance inspired classes provide a fun and exhilarating way to workout - with guaranteed results you will love.

Leaner legs, toned arms, tighter glutes and a more defined, shapely torso are just some of the improvements we seek from our bodies. At Dance Barre By Katie Dickens, all of this and more is a possibility!

Dance-based fitness workouts are such a great way to increase your fitness and change the shape of your body. Katie has spent years developing her method - now it's time for you to experience the benefits and see the results!

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The Studio

Dance Barre by Katie Dickens offers a range of classes both live and pre-recorded from our beautiful 300m² studio space in Albion, Brisbane. Members will have secure access from 5am to 9pm to the entire studio.

'Front Stage' - Live Classes

Join us on the Front Stage for all our exhilarating live classes with Katie or one of our experienced instructors.

'Centre Stage' - Weights Room

The Centre Stage strength room is perfect for conditioning work on your own or with our Trainers. In here you can focus on personal target areas, strengthening and toning your muscles or for rehabilitation and mobility. Book your Private Strength Session with our Dance Barre Trainers in the app.

'Back Stage' - Live Classes

Join us on the Back Stage for all our exhilarating live classes with Katie or one of our experienced instructors.

Refuel and Hydrate

Our studio kitchen brovides a space for you to make your after class smoothie or to enjoy our complimentary tea and coffee.

Change & Refersh

Our private change and refresh room offers you a space to wind down and cool off after class, get changed, do make up and hair and be prepared for your next appointment.

*no shower facilities

The Method

Feel the burn and just keep going!

The idea behind the method is to create long lean muscle through dance-inspired, endurancebased exercises, developed across several series of workout methods that Katie is famous for. These include:

  • Barre series
  • Bounce Fit series
  • Kettle Queen series
  • Full Body Tone, Core & Booty Method series

Katie has spent years perfecting her practice to ensure women not only see changes to their figure, but also feel the changes within themselves. Katie has a holistic approach to creating your best body, from the correct mindset, to the right training plan and correct food habits.

About Katie

Look and feel your best with help from Katie Dickens at Dance Barre.

After 15 years of learning and teaching dance in its various forms, and understanding what is required to maintain a fit and healthy body in the dance world, Katie applied her passion for dance to her career in the fitness industry.

It's here that she applied the techniques from her dance training into fun and innovative workouts that test you physically and inspire you to keep moving. Katie is qualified in Pilates, personal training, choreography and dance. She is passionate about providing innovative, high-energy cardio classes and strengthening toning.

Whether you want to increase your general fitness, drop a dress size or simply increase muscle tone and definition, Katie's classes are the perfect option. Uniquely designed with the female figure in mind, the workouts at Dance Barre are technique-focused, incorporating some of Katie's most-loved methods to provide you with the best possible results.

Dance Barre is about inspiring, motivating and encouraging women to feel confident, empowered and to love their own body.

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Dance Barre By Katie Dickens

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